Patent Analysis & Technology Outlook

missing technological trends may threaten the existence of a company

For companies, the early identification of technological change is an important task, because missing technological trends may threaten the existence of the company.

Extensive patent analytics can counteract, because patents represent the most extensive technological information (about 2 million registrations annually). Statistical analysis of patent information can be used for strategic assessment of companies and technology. This analysis can be used as an early warning system.

Statistical analysis of patent information is suitable for the strategic assessment of businesses and technologies. Information on patent applicants, inventors and technology, as well as the registration and issuing countries can be evaluated and used systematically. These analysis deliver graphs and tables, which show the trends in markets, technologies, competitors and development over time. An additional monitoring of technology provides dynamic analytics with high relevance and points out changes in patent landscapes.

In order to make it easier for companies to work on patents for evaluation or knowledge generation, the FURGY CLEAN Innovation project has created a “Guideline for the Analysis and Interpretation of Patent Data”.

If you are interested in receiving the guideline, please contact the FURGY team or Jan Cornils directly (

Companies can use this and the other offers such as the “Foresight Guide”, the “Trend Database” or the “Digitalization Guide” to improve their strategic alignment in the field of research and development and initiate innovation processes at an early stage in order to secure important competitive advantages.

Our services:

  • Identification of future trends and potential future markets
  • Securing competitive advantages
  • Information about current changes in the patent landscape
  • Assess the attractiveness of new technology areas
  • Assisting companies in using technological trends in strategic decisions

Find more information in our trend-databases:
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