Cross-border forum for energy efficiency

Reducing the cost of energy is often a cheap and easy way to realize savings

There are many reasons to incorporate energy efficiency matters into companies. The energy prices are high, and reducing the cost of energy is often a cheap and easy way to realize operational savings.

A systematic effort uncover new ways to reduce energy costs and the employees responsible for energy matters gain valuable knowledge on how to promote production efficiency and other parts of operations. Experiences document that continuous efforts or even the introduction of energy management system provide energy savings up to 15-30% of the energy cost in total.

Today several energy efficiency forums exist in the border region. Common to them, they are limited on geography and even sectors. In itself, it reduces the benefits of network for companies and it limits the opportunities to knowledge sharing and transferring with companies operating in different sectors.

We support the establishment of a cross-border forum for energy efficiency, in which Danish and German companies are able to benchmark each other to spread out best practice and they are able to share new ideas, methods and knowledge to optimize workflows.

Our services:

  • Sharing knowledge on energy efficiency in companies
  • Spreading best practice
  • Support insights into methods on energy management
  • Realizing energy saving by linking to new technologies and solutions
  • Identifying common challenges across the border to spur innovation



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