Workshop patentanalysis

Workshop on patentanalysis in cooperation with the patent-committee of the WT.SH

WTSH and FURGY CLEAN Innovation invited to a workshop around the topic patent analysis on the 30th November 2016. The host of the workshop was the Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA in Lübeck, who had the chance to start the workshop with their own contribution. They gave a short overview into the fields of work and innovation strategies of the company. Afterwards, Prof. Dr. Holger Ernst showed his work in the approach on patent analysis and what opportunities it holds, to detect risks and chances for a company.

The last two contributions of the day gave an insight into the project FURGY CLEAN Innovation, with a focus on patent analysis and technology forecast and from the WTSH towards the topic innovation consultancy. Thereby, the focus was set on the process from an innovative idea to the implementation.


1PM – 1.30 PM Welcome

1.30 PM – 3 PM Procedure for patent analysis, Prof. Dr. Holger Ernst, Wissenschaftliche Hochschule für Unternehmensführung, Vallendar

3 PM – 3.30 PM break

3.30 PM – 4.00 PM Service of FURGY CLEAN Innovation, Jan Cornils, WTSH GmbH

4.30 PM – 4.45 PM Examples of successful innovation consultations involving patent data, Ingo Buck or Jörg Müller, WTSH GmbH


Presentations of the day

  • Introduction of the host
  • Approach on patent analysis
    Prof. Dr. Holger Ernst, Wissenschaftliche Hochschule für Unternehmensführung, Vallendar
  • Service provision from FURGY CLEAN Innovation
    Jan Cornils, WTSH GmbH
    download FURGY CLEAN Innovation
  • Examples of succesful innovation consultancies with inclusion of  patent analysis
    Ingo Buck, WTSH GmbH
    download WTSH

Pictures of the day




woman shows screen of digital tablet in his hands. Clipping path

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