Industrial Symbiosis Conference

08.11.2016: Industrial Symbiosis Conference

The goal of the Symbiosis Conference on the 8th November 2016 in Kalundborg was to give an insight into the wide Topic of industrial symbiosis. Host of the conference was Kalundborg Utility in collaboration with FURGY CLEAN Innovation and CLEAN.

The basic idea of a Symbiosis is, to use waste streams between different industrial companies. According to the motto „one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  In the course of the conference the speakers showed, what companies can gain from a symbiosis and how a symbiosis can be started.

Right in the beginning, Kalundborg symbiosis had the chance to offer a view into their history and journey to a functioning symbiosis. The well-known symbiosis researcher Jukka Teräs from Nordregio in Stockholm gave an overview about already existing symbioses in nordic countries. Teräs stated that a definition about how a symbiosis has to look like cannot be shown clearly.

During the conference, the participants could choose between 5 different seminars to participate in, in which the concept of industrial Symbiosis was discussed more deeply.

At the conference, concrete examples of different symbioses were shown and a central point in the discussion was how potentials for a symbiosis can be identified.

The response after the conference was very positive, especially because of the focus it set on industrial symbiosis and what is necessary to start the development. The evaluation of the conference showed a great satisfaction from the participants. About 90% stated that they have learned something new and 95% had established new contacts. Furthermore was every 4th participant able to knot more than 6 new contacts. In addition to that, there was a very good response to the specialized seminars.

Presentations of the day

  • Why has the Kalundborg Industrial Symbiosis Been Successful
    Michael Hallgreen, Director and Senior Vice President, Novo Nordisk & Chair of the Kalundborg Symbiosis Association
    download  Keynote 1
  • What Works for Industrial Symbiosis in Scandinavia
    Jukka Teräs, Ph.D. MBA. Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio, Stockholm
    download  Keynote 2
  • The potential of industrial symbiosis in Schleswig-Holstein
    Björn Meyer, Project Manager, IHK Flensburg, Germany
    download  Seminar 1
  • Nordic Symbiosis Parks – overview and comments
    Jukka Teräs, Senior Research Fellow, Nordregio, Stockholm, Sweden
    download  Semninar 2
  • Tools and process: How to start your own industrial symbiosis
    Lisbeth Randers, Head of Symbiosis Center Denmark
    download  Seminar 3
  • Nyborg, the latest industrial symbiosis of the Interreg 5A Area
    Christian Boysen, Senior Project Manager, CLEAN
    download  Seminar 4
  • Why not more industrial symbiosis? Lessons learned from the National Industrial Symbiosis Task Force
    Erik C. Wormslev, Director-Innovation, NIRAS
    download  Seminar 5


Pictures of the day




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