FURGY CLEAN Innovation conference 2018

15.-16.03.2018: Conference with focus on renewable energies

As part of New Energy Husum, the FURGY CLEAN Innovation congress took place on March 15 and 16, 2018. The annual congress was dedicated to the challenges facing the energy transition. Around 250 participants came to inform themselves. The workshops on the topics of digitization, energy storage and electromobility were drawing particular attention. But the workshop on current projects in the German-Danish border region and funding opportunities offered a lot of opportunity for exchange and networking as well.

In addition to the congress, the new EnergyMap (www.energymap-nord.de) was released. It´s an online platform for companies and projects in the renewable energy sector to present themselves, their products and services.

Co-organizers and partners: IHK Schleswig-Holstein, WT.SH, CLEAN, FuE Zentrum/Fachhochschule Kiel, Udviklingsråd Sønderjylland,  Kalundborg Forsyning, EE.SH, Investitionsbank SH, EKSH, Inno-SE, watt_2.0 e. V., Rollflex

Powerpoint-presentations of the speakers

The titels of the presentations are in the foreign language.

In coorperation with EE.SH and DiWiSH

  • Begrüßung
    EE.SH / DiWiSH
  • Impuls „Digitalisierung und Energiewende
    Dr. Markus Hirschfeld, MELUND
  • “Digitaler Wandel – From doing digital, to being digital”
    Grimur Fjeldsted, WTSH GmbH
  • Digitalizing the Clean Energy Sector – How SMEs can capture value from digital technology
    Raymond Ortiz Christiansen, UdviklingsRåd Sønderjylland (URS)
  • Wertversprechen und Geschäftsmodelle im Digitalen Wandel – Methodentraining Business Canvas Modelling
    Heinz Rohde, Mittelstand 4.0 – Agentur Kommunikation
  • Chancen und Herausforderungen für EVUs durch das Gesetz zur Digitalisierung der Energiewende
    Dr. Claus Hartmann, Stadtwerke Flensburg GmbH
  • Zwei Faktor Authentifizierung: Anmeldung als sicherer Geschäftsprozess
    Daniel Busch, zeroBS GmbH
  • IT Sicherheit aus Sicht eines Hochschul-Experten
    Prof. Dr. Gerd Beuster, FH Wedel

You find all power-point presentations: here.

Funding opportunities for energy and environmental projects
In cooperation with Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein and WTSH GmbH

Innovative energy projects in the border region
In cooperation with Inno-SE

In cooperation with WTSH GmbH

RollFlex: Roll to roll fabrication of solar cells and OLEDs
Organizer: RollFlex

Program in German
Konferenz 2018

Program in Danish
Konference 2018

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