Electric car rally in China

Electric driving through Hunan province

In October 2018, the third electric car rally took place in Hunan province. The rally is the biggest competition of electric cars in China. The drivers drove more than 500 km through the Chinese cities Changde, Yiyang, Nanxian, Yueyang and Changsha.

The participants had to cope not only with orientation, but also with allocated time tests and obstacle races. A total of 62 teams participated in the rally, four of which were German as the only foreign teams. Ten Chinese and one American car brand were represented.

The inspiration for the event comes from Schleswig-Holstein, where the Northern European Electric car rally takes place every year. In 2016, the organizers of the Chinese rally interviewed the German organizers to get ideas for the competition in China. Since then, participants in the Northern European E-Rally have had the opportunity to be selected for participation in China. FURGY CLEAN Innovation participates annually in the Northern European E-Rally and had the fortune of being able to compete in China this year. The team took fifth place in the class of purely electric cars and first place in the obstacle race. In China, electromobility has been extensively promoted for a long time. In addition to an annual electric car quota at least 20 percent of new cars have to be pure electric cars or semi-electric hybrid vehicles by 2025.

Pictures of China E-Mobile Rally Championships:




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