Emerging Clean Energy Technologies

Companies benefit from technology outlook

Today, technology development and launch of new products and services occur in a pace never seen before.

Companies and even entire industries are more likely to be disrupted by new, innovative companies so fast it is not recognized until it is too late. Companies may benefit from technology outlook in order to explore and utilize new technologies in time before other companies gaining market shares.

Technology outlook is about gathering and analyzing data on markets, competitors and technologies as a mean of management decision support, strategic matters and their work with innovation. It is about disrupting the company itself before others do. So far, insights on new technology and trends have been reserved for larger companies with the necessary resources and human capital. However, it is equally important for SME’s, although foresight is not common used among SME’s due to the daily operating bustle.

We help SME’s to gain insights into new technologies and trends on clean energy and we support companies to relate to technological changes. We help companies to utilize the technology outlook in their work with innovation and incorporate technologies of tomorrow into new products, processes, services and new ways for market penetration.

In order to help companies to get closer to the topic of foresight, we have created the “Foresight Guide” in the FURGY CLEAN Innovation project. Here are 20 different methods (including scenarios, trend radar, road map) presented in the field of forecasting and their application in the company.

In this respect, the “Foresight Guide” also provides the link to be able to use the “FURGY Trend Database” or the “Guide to Patent Analysis” adequately in the company process. A purposeful foresight can help companies develop the necessary innovations in technology, products, processes, services and business models to be prepared for the future.

If you are interested in receiving our “Foresight Guide” or consulting, please contact the FURGY team or Jan Cornils directly (cornils@wtsh.de).

We help:

  • Spreading insights into new technologies and trends
  • Monitoring new patents throughout the world
  • Evaluate new ideas in respect to the patent literature
  • Analyze data on markets, competitors and technologies
  • Spreading the corporate use of technology outlook among SME’s



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