Due to the rapid development of technologies in the clean energy sector the daily schedule of companies changes radically and challenges the conventional management. A major development in this field is the progressing digitalization which changes the sector fundamentally.

New report about digitalization

Based on these changes  FURGY CLEAN Innovation decided to publish a report about the digitalization of the clean energy sector. It will present selected trends and perspectives to implement the digitalization in SME. Among other things it will describe sensor technologies and data processing and how these can be groundwork for the mentioned business development.

Key take-aways:

  • Digital transformation is a necessity for securingDeckblatt_DIGI
    competitiveness of many companies. Those who
    manage to adapt and react to the technological
    development, will have the competitive edge in the
  • Sensory technology can provide data and insights on
    operational activities and customer behaviour otherwise
    comprehensive, costly or inaccessible to
  • Data is becoming a more valuable resource than fx.
    oil. It can be a highly lucrative commodity, that can
    be translated into value-adding services.
  • Generating, aggregating and analysing data from
    sensory technology can opens up for new business
    model opportunities and revenue streams.


In addition to the report we published different trends in the trend-databases:
German trend-database
Danish trend-database

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