The Region

3.6 million people living within the project region

On the German side the program region includes the districts of Nordfriesland, Ostholstein, Plön, Rendsburg-Eckernförde and Schleswig-Flensburg as well as the cities of Flensburg, Kiel, Lübeck and Neumünster. On the Danish side the project covers the Region Syddanmark and the Region Sjælland.

Within the project region live about 3.6 million people (please have a look on the map below).


The western part of program region – the so called “Jyllandsruten” – is the traditional transport- and economic axis between Germany respectively Schleswig-Holstein and Denmark. The eastern part of the program region – also known as “Femernrute” – is the shortest connection between Hamburg and Copenhagen/Southern Sweden and by realization of the fixed Fehmarnbelt-link even faster.

The new program region consists of two former separated program regions which cover rural areas and central cities.

At first glance the regions, municipalities, districts and cities that participate in the German Danish Interreg program seem to be different because of their area and population. Nevertheless they have several geographic and demographic similarities.

The program region offers divers interesting topics and challenges that hide a huge development potential. Exactly this potential has to be discovered and used for the new Interreg-projects to enhance and strengthen the German-Danish region.

Within the program region the share of renewable energies in our energy system is already high. The increasing amount shows us that the energy production with help of renewable energies is technically mature and the next step is the system integration. Therefore small pilot-solutions on both sides of the border already exist. Denmark and Germany have their respective strength in different areas which due to cross-border cooperation and the knowhow of each partner will give benefits to both sides. The cross border cooperation is essential because of the structure of the stakeholders with several small and medium enterprises. With help of the cooperation synergies and interdisciplinary topics will be identified.




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