Technological scope

Innovation, SME’s and Energy

The project will contribute in the three priority areas of the EU’s Baltic Sea Strategy: Innovation, SME’s and Energy.

The goal of the implementation of a reliable energy market in the Baltic region contains, among other topics: Renewable Energy, System Integration and Energy Efficiency.

In the area of ​​innovation, the EU strategy paper underlines the possibility of establishing clusters in the region, in order to identify and promote regional strongholds. By focusing on innovations, particularly the sustainable growth sectors will be promoted. The innovations in the field of clean energy, which are central to the project, are also taking this rationale. Therefore the project will for example reduce barriers in terms of innovation while taking the patent landscape into account.

The new project concept “Cross Border Clean Energy Cluster” is based on the Interreg 4A-project “FURGY – Future Renewable Energy”. The project builds on the successful establishment of an international technology region of renewable resources in cross-border cooperation between regional businesses and research institutes.

As the FURGY Interreg 4A project was focused on mainly the production of future renewable energy, this new Interreg 5A project has broader focus on innovation and export within clean energy and related businesses. Therefore the four main areas of concern are




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