Intelligent Energy Systems

cost-effective, sustainable and secure

An intelligent energy system is a cost-effective, sustainable and secure energy system in which renewable energy production, infrastructures and consumption are integrated and coordinated through energy services, active users and enabling technologies.

The Danish and German agenda for climate and energy is very ambitious aiming at clean energy system by 2050. This work is not easy as new technologies, architectures, markets, actors and business models need to be developed, including changes in the regulation of the energy systems and tax systems, which can allow and support new business models and new consumption patterns.

Above ambition can only be achieved in a sustainable way through combinations of energy efficiency, integration of various energy infrastructures (electricity, gas, heating and cooling), flexible energy consumption in buildings, industry and transport, and smart system operation.

The transition of the energy system requires rethinking the energy management and the way we use energy. It is essential that the overall design and solutions for the future smart energy system are cost-effective and not least socially acceptable and feasible.




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